Perfect Covid-19 Vacation

With Social Distancing Built In

When we were designing our property and home 5 years ago we wanted to create a beautiful vacation property with ample space inside and out. Seclusion and Privacy were on the top of the list.

We chose a location on the very West side of South Venice abutting Shamrock Nature Park and the Venetian Waterway & Bike Trail.

Looking due West from our backyard you will find no civilization, just a nature park, the Venetian Waterway, Caspersen Beach, and the Gulf of Mexico just 1000 yds from our backdoor.

Our home, located on a dead end street sits on a fenced-in double lot of 16,000 sq ft which gives us twice the space and privacy between our neighbors.

Our western facing private heated salt water pool and Jacuzzi is enclosed in a bug free 1350 sq ft screened in pool cage and covered lanai. You don’t have to share this huge space with anyone, it is all yours.

We have landscaped our property with dozens of beautiful tropical shrubs, palms, bamboo, and flowering plants creating a private tropical oasis. Cool off in the pool, take an amazing therapeutic hydro massage, soak up the sun, and prepare and cook meals rain or shine. 5 Star Resorts don’t afford you this amenity all to yourself.

Clean Air & Pure Water

No Covid-19

Number two on our list was to create an atmosphere where one could come to rejuvenate, to heal physically from the tough riggers of ones life. Everyone would benefit from a sparkling clean home free from dirt, pollen, bacteria and viruses.

We selected a high quality HVAC system that would provide whole house air conditioning, and further completely clean, disinfect and purify not only the air it circulates but would seek out and destroy all organic matter within the whole house no matter how small it was. This includes the Covid-19 Virus!

Just as important as purified air is purified water. We invested in a top line whole house reverse osmosis water purification system. Our deep well water goes thru many different processes that filters, cleans, softens, and purifies our water to the level of high quality bottle water.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

This pure water comes out of every faucet in the house including the laundry and the ice maker. No need to purchase bottled water, fill your coffee pot right from the kitchen tap. And no sulfur smell in the shower, your clothes are washed in pure water and the dishwasher cleans with no spots.

This amenity provides your body, inside and out with pure water free from contamination, bacteria and viruses as well as greatly prolongs the life of all the plumbing, fixtures and appliances that use water.

Villa Ocala was built for Seclusion, Privacy, Healthy Amenities in an extremely sanitary environment including the air you breath and the water you drink.

A perfect vacation destination retreat during a pandemic or not. We invite you to experience a healthy, luxurious, and safe vacation.

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