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Villa Ocala

Luxurious Private Vacation Property with Amenities Beyond Compare, located in Venice, Florida

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Villa Ocala provides COVID-19 Virus Protection

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Long before the Corona Virus 19 escaped China on its way to infect the World we decided to equip Villa Ocala’s HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system with a technology that would continuously provide healthy pure clean air to breathe and automatically remove any allergens, bacteria or harmful viruses  day or night.

This goal fit with our original purpose of creating a high-end luxury retreat for healthful rejuvenation, relaxation and the regeneration of one’s bodies.

Little did we know then, that this decision would become an invaluable tool to protect our family, friends, and guests who stay at Villa Ocala, from life’s everyday common germs and bacteria to any novel virus such as the COVID-19 Virus!..   Learn More…

Before you book your next vacation rental ask the owners if they have taken any measures or precautions to provide you protection against air born bacteria or virus

Villa Ocala's Whole House Purified Water

Villa Ocala really cares about the water you drink, bathe and wash in.  We have invested in a top end Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System that provides every faucet in the house with pristine clean pure water purified to the level of bottled spring water. 

From the kitchen tap right to the coffee pot, the water you shower and brush your teeth with, Villa Ocala provides pristine clean bacteria and virus free water.  The ice and water from the refrigerator as well as the water your clothes are washed in is all perfectly clean healthy water.  

This measurable level of water purity from every single faucet and fixture in the house is only found in a very small percent of 5 Star Luxury Hotel and Vacation Properties.   read more

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

If this level of purified water, bacteria and virus free, is important to you and your family ask the owner what measures they have taken to insure your access to purified water… 

Villa Ocala's best asset is its location


It’s 16,000 sq/ft lot is located on the very western edge of South Venice abutting to Shamrock Nature Park.  A 25′ fire trail, then 75 yds of Shamrock Park, will put you on the Venetian Waterway Bike Trail and canal.  Continuing due west lies Caspersen Beach and the Gulf of Mexico.  Relaxing in the 1350 sq ft lanai/pool cage, completely isolated from all things human surrounds you with privacy, peace and quiet.

Hidden Gem Revealed

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Our brand new dream home is built for comfort, luxurious relaxation, and healthy living. We welcome you to experience it.
Luxurious Relaxation
The Rogers


Amenities Beyond Compare

Heated Pool & Jacuzzi

Salt water pool with jacuzzi, colored lights, 1300 sq/ft screened in lanai.

82" Samsung QLED Home Theater

82" Samsung QLED Smart TV home theatre with Sonos Surround Sound, Cable, DVD Player.

New Dream Bed Lux LX510 King Mattress

After hours of travel or a great day of golf, tennis or biking a new high quality king mattress is an amenity well appreciated.

Master Bath Spa

Two person combination 16 Jet Jacuzzi and 30 jet whirlpool therapeutic Master Bath Spa with Chromotherapy & Ozoneater sterilization.

Designer Kitchen

Full featured kitchen, stainless appliances, dishwasher, disposal, microwave, corelle dishware.

Central Air Conditioning

Brand new Trane A/C Cooling and Heating with automatic air purifing ozone conditioning.

Whole House Water Purification

Our Whole House Reverse Osmosis system results in pure, clean water from the tap, bath and landry.

Outdoor Gym

Universal machine, free weights, kettle balls, chin up bar, jump ropes and Tabata /Interval timer. COMING SOON!

Outdoor kitchen

Gas grill, rotisserie, oven, refrigerator and fireplace. COMING SOON!

Whole house reverse osmosis water purification, ozone purified A/C, heated salt water pool, Master Bath Jacuzzi-Whirlpool, chef's kitchen, spectacular home theater... What are you waiting for?
Villa Ocala Venice, Fla
The Rogers


Every room has been designed with its own purpose and comfort ....

Private Salt Water Pool Jacuzzi
Lanai Pool Cage
1350 sq/ft Pool Cage-Lanai
Outdoor Grilling
Great Place for Grilling
Outdoor Dining Table for Two
Tropical Outdoor Dining
Quantom Ultra HD
80" QUHD Home Theater
King Mattress Master Bedroom
Master King Bedroom
New top end Queen mattress
Queen Bedroom
Rattan Twin Bedroom
Guess Bathroom
Guest Shower
Landry Room
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